The Cutest American Kestrel You'll Ever Seen

The American Kestrel is a small bird of prey in the falcon family. They are the most numerous of the North American falcons!

About of American Kestrel

The American Kestrel is also known as the sparrow hawk and belongs to the falcon family. The scientific name of the American Kestrel is Falco sparverius!

What Do American Kestrel Eat?

Kestrels are carnivorous, meaning they eat meat. Their diet consists of flies, beetles, locusts, wasps, grasshoppers and many other types of insects!

Difference Between Male And Female

Differences between the male and female. Generally, males are larger than females, with females being up to 12 cm shorter than males!

What is Special on American Kestrel?

It is a small, sparrow-sized bird with a short tail and a short, pointed bill. It is also one of the fastest birds in North America!

What Does A Kestrel Look Like?

The American Kestrel has a wingspan of about 18-24 inches. A kestrel is about 12-14 inches in length, with a black head and back; their chest is orange!

What is The American kestrel Size?

The American kestrel is a small bird with a body length of about 13-14 inches and a wingspan of about 25 inches that weighs around 1.2 pounds!

Juvenile Kestrel

Juvenile Kestrels are very similar to the adults in coloration. They are brown with black bars on their wings, brownish barring on their breast and dark streaked head!

American Kestrel's Eye

To be honest, they look more like raisins. However, some species of birds actually do have eye spots that resemble kestrel eyes.