What is eBird and Who should use it?

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Unless you’re a serious bird-watcher, you might just think looking for birds is what people do when they want to get outside and enjoy nature.

But it’s actually much more than that! Birding can be wildly addictive, but it requires lots of patience and knowledge.

But, let’s be honest: it is hard to keep track of all the details about which species you’ve spotted and where you spotted them unless you make a list and keep it with your gear.

This is why we created eBird: to make the process of recording what you see in the field much easier for everyone, not just the experts.

What is eBird?

What is eBird and Who should use it?
What is eBird and Who should use it?

eBird is an interactive scientific research platform for identifying bird species.

Anyone with an interest in birds should be using this app and website because it can help increase your knowledge of what certain bird calls indicate.

The app & website offers over 500 different species from around the world with high quality recordings that have been professionally captured by experts.

You can choose from a wide range of birds including owls, ravens, blue jays and many more to add to your recordings.

How to use the eBird Application?

eBird is an app that allows you to keep track of your bird watching activities.

The app includes maps, programming for identifying birds by their song, and even newspaper clippings about birdwatching if you search for specific types of birds.

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Why should I use eBird?

eBird helps you keep track of bird sightings and helps you discover recent sightings in your area. Use eBird to see which species live in your region, if they migrate and where they fly to.

You can also learn more about what the habitat looks like and sometimes even identify foraging for specific species.

What types of birds are in eBird?

The types of birds in eBird range from the common robin to the national bird of Argentina – the Andean condor.

Additional options include:

  • Bird Sightings Near You
  • Explore by Family
  • Explore by Habitat

Each has detailed information about a particular group and they’re all different and fascinating.

Who invented eBird?

eBird was invented in 2002 by Allan Keith, Rick Bonney, and Scott Chamberlain.

It is a program designed to extend the life of important bird data before it becomes too difficult to enter manually.

It encourages observing birds by letting users create lists that are automatically then uploaded into eBird’s database. And bill schmoker, an avid birder, created the eBird website in 2002.

The goal of the site was to make it easier for birders to share what they’ve seen with others. It also helps to track bird populations across time and space.

There are four major functions of the website:

1) Creating a personal checklist.

2) Finding out about rare birds using the rare bird alert.

3) Tracking eBird sightings across time and space by state and country.

4) Accessing data on bird populations from cornell’s lab of ornithology.

What is the rare bird alert?

The eBird rare bird alert is a free email notification service that sends alerts about rare birds to subscribers worldwide.

eBird is a data collection and analysis project that allows biologists to track the distribution of birds.

It was created by a team of volunteers in 2002, led by macaulay library director david bonter.

The app is a great way for people who love birds to record sightings and contribute to the project, which has been going strong since 2004 with headquarters in Ithaca, NY.

The rare bird alert is what eBird refers to when they share an urgent call for help from an eBirder reporting a sighting of a species that’s not been seen in the area before.

What is the best way to prepare for the spring Migration?

The Groundhog day event is a perfect time to prepare for the coming migration. This is because during the event, a number of groundhogs are released into the wild.

If they return to their home, then there will be six more weeks of winter. If they do not, then there will be an early spring.

This event has been going on for centuries and can help you prepare better for your spring migration.

How to create a bird Feeder?

A bird feeder is an object which is used to feed birds. It can be made out of anything, but typically it would be made out of metal or plastic.

A bird feeder can be made with just a few things that are found around your house.

Tips for the beginner backyard bird Watcher

Bird watching can be a fun and educational hobby. If you’re new to the hobby and want to get started, here are some tips to help you get started.

The first step is being able to identify birds from their appearance.

This can be done by using guides, which show pictures of birds in different parts of the U.S., or by identifying their songs or calls.

You can also use an app called Audubon Birds, which has a library of bird sounds from across the country.

The next step is being able to identify their habitats and behaviors so that you can find them easily in your backyard or nearby parks.

What is eBird?

eBird is a web-based application for managing your birding list and sightings. With this app, you can record and keep track of your observations in the field. You can even share it with other people to create a collaborative list or even upload the data to eBird’s global database, which will allow other people around the world to see your contributions.

How does eBird Work?

eBird is an Artificial Intelligence-powered bird watching app. It has over 500,000 users who contribute to the creation of a global biodiversity map.

What is the cost of eBird?

eBird is free and easy to use. Unlike many other applications that are available on the market, it does not require any subscription fee or additional cost in order to use it.

Is there a free version of eBird?

Yes, there is a free version of eBird. It provides the basic features, which is enough for most people to enjoy birding.


eBird can be used for any type of bird watcher, but it is so much more.

It’s the only personal interest app that allows you to experience nature anytime, anywhere without having to guess what you’re about to see eBird will tell you.

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